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The Journey is the world's leading life transformation method created by Brandon Bays. It allows us to get to the root cause of our limitations and the shut downs that prevent us from living life to the full - and that can even make us ill. It allows us to let go of the past and the emotional blocks that hold us back. As a result we experience healing and transformation at a cellular level. Hundreds of thousands of people worldwide have experienced the simple, yet powerful, step-by-step method of The Journey. In doing so they've overcome a wide variety of challenges including physical ailments, emotional matters, relationship problems and careers or performance issues.

Meegan Hirst - Journey Practitioner


 I'm in my late 40's and have been blessed with 3 divine sons (which I've been predominately solo parenting) - 21, 19 and nearly 6 years (I know right .... :). I've made some interesting choices in my life, but wouldn't change any for the world, 'cos it's brought me to who I am today, and I rather like (well LOVE) that ever evolving person).

My upbringing was stable with LOTS of time at the beach, ahhh, I love the warmth of the sun. I was a quiet, shy child and extremely self conscious teenager and adult.

For about 25 years I used food to feel 'in control' of my life. I experienced Post Natal Depression with my 2nd son and that was the beginning of my personal growth journey of uncovering 'who I truely am', my spiritual awakening.

My desire to help people and kick that eating dis-order to the curb, once and for all, brought me to The Journey - cellular healing - clearing 'stuff' out at the root cause.I am pleased to report, no more food and body image issues - yay and I've touched many people's lives too. I've also found that 'holding the space' as a compassionate, non-judgemental listening ear, allows empowering aha moments to unfold. After all, 'the answers lie within' eh.

So, I continue on this journey called life, dicovering who I truely am, being the best me and living the best life, all the while aspiring to have fun, be happy and content, prosperous and free, and having a positive impact in people's lives, along the way.

I love to balance my life by socialising with friends, having a boogie and sometimes just doing nothing in my nurturing home. Yoga and watching a light, funny movie give me joy. It's an honour to be here and to support you on your journey.

Lots of love and blessings :) xxx Meegan


Journey Accredited Practitioner 

Certified Quantum Essences Practitioner  

17 years experience in community based peer support in Maternal Mental Health

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